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GB October Lecture 2Upon relocating from Brisbane, Australia to Reno, Nevada in 1979, Gary Robert Buchanan was ordained a Minister of the Second Advent Church and became Music Director for the International Community of Christ, 643 Ralston St. , Reno, Nevada 89503, directing the Sinfonietta of that organization, and has from 1979 been building the Music Department - holding various positions: Composer-Conductor of Liturgies, The Jamilian Handbell Choir; Instructor of Instrumental and Vocal Music, Music History, Theory & Solfege, Geometry/Cymatics, The Jamilian Parochial School; Faculty of Jamilian University; Church Organist and Founder of The Music Guild (International Community Guilds, Corporation General), 16026 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89521. (Email: [email protected] )



The Reverend Canon Dr. Buchanan also manages a small Recording Studio andGB Sunrise Publishing Company for the Guild, whose publications have included a "Judaeo-Christian Trumpet Descanter" (Ecumenical Hymnal/Psalter), the "Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra," and various other publications for the Church, the Sacred Academy, College and University, and related outlets of The International Community of Christ. Such also include four complete volumes of "Sacred Liturgical Fragments of the Second Advent Church” and numerous songs, preludes, antiphons, and litanies for worship. (See: and/or )

The Rev. Dr. Buchanan is also a member of the Nevada Clergy Association, Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms, and is Co-Chairman of the American Association of Concerned Clergymen.

(See: and/or )


For over two decades Rev. Buchanan also has been helping direct undertakings at the community’s Steamboat Healing Center south of Reno where he lives and works in the research and development of healing technologies with light, color, sound, water, and subtle energies.



Select Listings; Liturgical (Second Advent Church)

Anthem for Human Spiritual Rights, 1989 (see
Ascension (for Handbells & Keyboard), 1984
Assembly, The (Pianoforte and/or Organ), 1984
Baptismal Hymn, The (Organ, Handbells & Voice), 1975
Bishop’s Litany, The - “Blessing Over the Ministers Assembled” (Organ & Voice), 1983
Bishop’s Memorial, The (Organ & Handbells), 1984
CANTATA, “Say Unto Them” (SATB & Organ/Ensemble), 1983
Cantor’s Litany, The (Organ & Voice), 1980
Christening, Music for a (Organ & Handbells), 1983
COLLECTION: Musical Fragments of the Second Advent Church, Volumes I, II, III, IV & V, 1981-1999.
Commensal Hymn, The (Organ and/or Strings), 1986
Communion (Organ), 1993
Community Anthem, The, “March of the Order”(Organ), 1982
Consolation, The Light of (Strings), 1983
Consolation, The Music of (Organ & Handbells), 1983
Divine Light, The (Strings), 1986
Divine Marriage, The (Organ/Ensemble), 1983
Divine Service, The (Organ & Handbells), 1980
Emancipation, The Ritual of (Organ), 1982
Fugue - on the Divine Marriage (Ensemble), 1983
Fugue - on So Is My Joy The Lord (Ensemble), 1983
GRANT LIFE UNTO ME (SATB, Handbells & Organ), 1985
Homage to the Child of Light (Strings), 1988
Hossana-Allelu (Organ), 1982
Hymn of the Covenant (Organ & Ensemble), 1982
Hymn to Human Spiritual Rights & Freedoms (Soprano & Orchestra), 1994
I Am Your’s, O God (Soprano & Pianoforte), 1987
Joyeuse (Organ), 1983
Jubilate (Handbell Choir), 1980
Judaeo-Christian Trumpet Descanter, The (72 selections for Organ, SATB & Trumpet/Alt. Descant), 1992
Lament for Zion, The (Complete Service/Organ & Handbell Choir), 1983
Lector’s Litany, The (Organ & Voice), 1980
Lord’s Prayer, The (Voice & Piano/Organ), 1978
March: “In Praise of Human Spiritual Rights” (Bells), 1995
Marriage, Second Advent (Handbells, Organ & Strings), 1981
Memorial Rite, Second Advent (Organ & Handbells) O God, My Salvation, Hear My Prayer (SATB), 1996
Ordination (Organ) Plea for Grace - The Essaei Hymn (SATB & Handbell Choir), 1990
Processional, Second Advent (Organ), 1980
Prophecy, Music for the Reading of (Organ)
Rabban Service, Music for (Chamber Orchestra), 1989
Recessional, Second Advent (Organ), 1980
SO IS MY JOY, THE LORD (SATB, Organ, Handbells & Orchestra), 1982
Song of Moses, The (Organ & Handbell Choir), 1983
Song of the Children (Voices & Piano), 1983
Sunrise Song (Voices & Piano), 1983
Twilight (Mixed Ensemble), 1981
Valley Mists (Mixed Ensemble), 1981
Weld Memorial, The (Organ), 1994