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SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance

In 2012 Dr. Buchanan published the follow-up text, Sonatherapy: Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies.

Both books are now standard reading for anyone seeking to better understand vibrational medicine. (Available: )


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Since 1975 Dr. Gary Buchanan has been researching and developing new technologies in alternative healing using light, color, sound, water, and subtle energies.

Beginning with doctoral studies in Cymatics, Synergetics, Physics, Perception, Psychology, Music, Medicine, Cosolargy, and a host of interdisciplinary studies Buchanan Treating Backat the University of Washington in 1975-1976, Buchanan began compiling fundamental concepts and materials on the effects of vibrational entrainments and affectations upon and within the entity.

This led to his presentation at the university of a paper, “Perceptual Synergetics,” and thereafter a textbook, authored in 1978 at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia – Wave Front Composition & Analysis. That paper and text were well-received by members of the Musicological Society of Australia and Britannica Society at the University of New South Wales in a 1978 conference.

Relocating to Reno, Nevada in 1979, Buchanan began working directly with Consociates of Cosolargy International in further developing these technologies of Wave Front BIOresonanceTM. Preliminary archive publications by the International Community of Christ between 1979 and 1982 included studies in acoustics, mathematics, and archetypal geometry.

Those imprints, authored and co-authored by/with the late Stan Fortmeyer, were/are Solarized Numbers – The Super-Natural Metaphor of Organic Wholism, More on Solarized Numbers and Their Import, The Unified Field: Ultra-Dimensional Solar Determinism, Jamilian Cycologotry: Basic Premises, The Nun Crystal: Preliminary Draft and Materials, Archencyclical Cube-Root Extraction, and the ultimate tome: Primer of Mirror-Inversion and Archencyclical Mathesis (Copyright © 1982 The International Community of Christ.)

All of these papers and texts laid foundations for the healing arts, sciences, and technologies of what would later become the unique healing approach trade-marked by Cosolargy International as SonatherapyTM.

Cymatic Therapy

The field of Cymatics – the visualization of vibrational wave fronts on a diaphragm or in water, was pioneered by Ernst Chladni in the 19th Century, then by Swiss physicist Hans Jenny in the 20th Century.

Cymatic Therapy was developed in the second half of the 20th Century by Sir Apps on Each KneeDr. Peter Guy Manners at his Bretforton Hall Clinic in Evesham, England. Dr. Manners reasoned, correctly, that the physical and psychological entity is controlled, indeed held together, by specific frequencies and resonant patterns, i.e., Cymatic formations. Absent these living vibrations nothing would exist, i.e., on the torsion field, sub-atomic, and molecular levels.

Via discovery of precise biological frequencies and overall harmonic resonances for specific tissues, organs, glands, bones, etc., Dr. Manners was able, via sympathetic entrainment upon patients, to promote self-healing – and cure – biological and mental conditions. His clinical case studies accomplished over fifty years bear out this statement.

Another colleague within Cosolargy International, Yukinori Matsushita, had worked with Dr. Manners in England for over twenty years. He and Dr. Buchanan also had been close friends since 1980. Matsushita not only informed Buchanan of Manners’ practice and methodologies, but as well shared the published papers and frequency “commutations” developed by Dr. Manners and published by the Bretforton Hall Trust for public usage. During this period Buchanan began analyzing the commutations, applying them with private clients, developing new and similar “Sonations,” and compiling lists of frequencies developed and used by others in the field of sound healing, e.g., Dr. Paul Nogier, Dr. Albert Abrams, Olav Skille, among others.

In 1986 the historic geothermal facility at Steamboat Hot Springs in south Reno, Nevada was gifted to the International Community of Christ. Buchanan and his colleagues in I.C.C., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, began extensive restoration of the facility and soon opened it to the public. Shortly thereafter the spa evolved into Steamboat Healing Center, which has since offered a host of therapeutic services.



Steamboat Healing Center

Research & Development:

In 1992 Dr. Buchanan and his wife, Amanda, moved their home to Steamboat Hot Springs where he continued to research and develop SonatherapyTM systems and protocols.

In 2004 the facility acquired a commercial Cymatic Therapy unit and began offering basic treatments based upon the commutations of Dr. Manners. At the same time, light, color, and hydrotherapy were incorporated into sessions with clients.

In 2006 Buchanan was invited to present at a conference sponsored by Cymatherapy International in Atlanta concerning his research and development of Cymatic technologies. For several years that lengthy presentation, Wave Front BIOresonanceTM: Theory & Practice, was made available on DVD by that company, now “Cymatechnologies.”




New Cymatic Understandings

The concepts and recommendations made by Buchanan at that conference included (1) Commutations/Sonations need to be visualized, analyzed, and classified as Cymatic formations; (2) Pulsation of the sound, and at specific infrasonic rates, increases the ability of the body and its fields to absorb the wave fronts and avoid “Habituation Response”; (3) Pulsation with color and

light in synchrony with the sounds dramatically enhances healing potentials in therapies; (4) Applicator designs need to be improved, e.g., with different sizes of speakers/transducers, while Stereo applicators allow for improved delivery of the sounds, e.g., for pulsing and panning of the signals, so that more rapid and improved absorption may be accomplished; (5) The use of sound in water, for example with an acoustic foot bath or in a bathing pool, allows for 4.3 times Buchanan Treating Back #2faster entrainments – directly, as opposed to in the air or close on the body – where wave fronts may dissipate and full strength be diminished; (6) Additional Electro-Magnetic enhancements to applicators are unnecessary and, indeed, may negatively affect the frequencies produced and lessen the overall benefit of applications; (7) Units designed for Cymatic applications should allow for a wide range of frequency combinations, along with infrasonic pulse rates, and the user should be able to create his/her own settings – in addition to those already programmed into the device by the manufacturer.

Upon his return to Steamboat Healing Center in the fall of 2006, Buchanan continued his development of the acoustic foot bath and various applicators using different sizes of speakers and transducers. At the same time the Sona Working Group was formed with colleagues in the vibrational healing field. One of these individuals, Steve Satra, developed a special computer program schematic using the free online program Analog Box, which assimilates analog sound. This was designed in an effort to move away from strictly digitally produced signals in the treatment room. Analog signals are far more beneficial in sound entrainments than are digital.

Following seven years of R & D, another Sona Working Group colleague, Adam Reed, designed and built for Buchanan the Sona Analog Box. This unit can produce pure analog wave form combinations, accurate to within four decimal places, with one-to-six frequency arrays – including infrasonic pulsing, in stereo or mono. The unit is also supplied with two sizes of dual applicators – large and small. The S.A.B. now replaces the online Analog Box program at the Healing Center, may be easily programmed by the user on an Excel sheet, and allows for substantially improved outcomes in therapies. Over the last several years Buchanan has also compiled some 2,500 new Sonations for this unit. Moreover, the Reed unit has a plug-in to accommodate light systems for pulsing light and color in synchrony with the sound.

The Sona Analog Box constitutes a wonderful achievement in the vibrational healing field. Moreover, Buchanan and Reed have intentionally kept the cost to consumers comparatively low and affordable, and for a Cymatic application system that is arguably the best available in the world today.

In 2008 Dr. Buchanan published his landmark 502-page text (with Music & Data CDs), SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOreosnance. In the fall of that year Buchanan travelled to Evesham, England with Yukinori Matsushita and met with Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners. Following his perusal of the book and materials, Dr. Manners stated, “Yes, this is exactly what needs to be done! I am pleased with where you are taking this technology.” The good doctor had recently retired and expressed a strong desire that Buchanan continue his research and development while carrying on the Manners Cymatic Therapy tradition. Sadly, Dr. Manners passed away the very next year.



Ongoing R & D:

Across the street from Steamboat Healing Center is located the headquarters of The Music Guild, headed by Buchanan. In his guild studio Dr. Buchanan regularly creates and analyzes Cymatic formations of the Sonations he has developed, i.e., employing a specially designed set-up with small discs of water, sound systems, camera, magnifying lenses, et al.
Buchanan is also working regularly with another Manners colleague of over twenty years, Philip Rudd in Scotland, on the development of more effective Cell Regen ShowSonations. All the new Sonations are being studied and classified as to fourth-phase vicinal water imagery (similar to the waters of the body), their effectiveness in therapies – as verified by documented case studies, and grouped in categories applicable to conditions.

Similarly, videos are made of the Cymatic wave fronts, often with both the Sonations and specially designed music based upon the tunings and pulse of the array. The videos are often employed in therapy sessions, along with direct sonic entrainments, to supply “guided imagery” for the client.

Since 2011 dozens of these videos have been placed on Buchanan’s “Sonatherapy” You Tube web site, free for private (non-commercial) usage by viewers. At the end of 2014 the subscribers to this channel numbered 1,672, with the total “hits” given as 305,977. Of course, these numbers do not include all other web sites around the globe, on virtually all continents, that have embedded and promoted these same videos for self-healing. Buchanan regularly receives emails and comments from those who have been helped by listening to, feeling, and viewing his Cymatic productions.


The Future of Vibrational Medicine

Dr. Buchanan continues to improve upon and design new instrumentation for SONA BOXapplying sound, light, color, water, and subtle energies. A great many futuer designs are in the works!
For example, there is the potential holographic projection of both sound and Cymatic formations upon clients in therapies. Plus, there is always a need for ever more sophisticated analog units, applicator systems, and light/color applicators – as with low-powered lasers carrying both color and sound – along with the planning of conferences, travel, and healing demonstrations.

However, as a non-profit undertaking within Cosolargy International, all undertakings in SonatherapyTM may only be, and have always been, accomplished by the generous support and donations of private individuals aware of these endeavors. Such would include members and students of Cosolargy International; the Sona Working Group; Manners’ Sound in Kurume, Japan; The Healing Place in Glendale, Wisconsin; and, clients regularly visiting Steamboat Healing Center in Nevada. In addition, global lectures and demonstrations have been tremendously helpful in getting the word out in regard to this new and unique approach in healing – as well as in the financing of research venues and accommodations.

(For those interested, all donations to Cosolargy International in support of that institution and/or the work at Steamboat Healing Center are tax-deductible charitable contributions. Contact: International Community of Christ, 643 Ralston Street, Reno, Nevada 89503 - U.S.A.- [email protected] )


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